Rachel Romanowsky - Modern Artist 

I recognize my style as a fusion of color, shape, spontaneity and time into nostalgic yearning.

I am a fashion & retail marketing consultant . As such, I have had to sacrifice my own creative spirit and limit my artistic expression, confining myself within preexisting brand guidelines. Painting gives me complete freedom of creativity and the opportunity to appreciate and work with spontaneity. Over a period of weeks, months and sometimes years, I use color, shape and free expression to create an image that demands interaction. I work with the size and frame of each piece. I begin with a series of sketches that create a timeline for how the painting with progress before it's complete. Painting also allows me to explore the possibilities allowed through subtle changes, built up paint, sticking colors, composition, method of application, adding mediums, etc. I want you to stare, touch... rotate my paintings and find a moment within it that connects with you. 

The majority of the subjects of my paintings are inspired by recollections of beauty found in color throughout the natural world. I am also inspired by the shape and texture that is familiar to organic abstraction. Rather than to recreate a landscape, I aim to capture the essence, my own personal understanding of a place. I recognize my style as a fusion of color and spontaneity into nostalgic yearning.


Rachel graduated from Trinity College in 2011 with Bachelor of Fine Arts Degrees in Painting, Architecture and Interactive Media. She moved to Boston in spring of 2011 after beginning a career in fashion marketing. She has since lived in New York, Newport Rhode Island and London, and recently relocated back to Boston with her husband and 2 young boys. 


Rachel's work consists of large, oil on canvas, abstract paintings created with blended marble dust and a series of palette knives and marking devices. Her work is all about the process of creating, from grinding marbles for texture to sticking oils alla prima. 


Rachel's work is held in private collections in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania and London. She has had solo shows in Connecticut and has been part of group shows in New York, NY, Brooklyn, NY, Hartford, CT, and in Select Fair, Art Basel, Miami.