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My work is about process and relationship. The final result can never be anticipated or described in advance. Each mark is meant to be read as an individual gesture [experience, feeling, move] and yet defined by the elements that surround it. How colors and marks stick together is what I'm constantly exploring. Relationships.

I love playing with proportions of elements. I paint large pictures not to be grandeur, but because every painting is limitless. There is always another relationship that could be painted in, painted alongside. I want the viewer to put himself inside of the painting. Interact with it. Go from mark to mark and take part in each relationship. So many of my paintings could be cut into little cohesive stories - but it's not about each individual story, it's about how it all vibrates together.

Painting allows me to explore subtle changes, built up paint, sticking colors, composition, method of application, adding mediums, etc. I want you to stare, touch... rotate my paintings and find a moment within it that connects with you. 


Rachel graduated from Trinity College in 2011 with Bachelor of Fine Arts Degrees in Painting, Architecture and Interactive Media. She moved to Boston in spring of 2011 after beginning a career in fashion marketing. She has since lived in New York, Newport Rhode Island, London, Boston and recently relocated to Zurich with her husband and 2 young boys. 


Rachel's work consists of large, oil on canvas abstract paintings that she creates with marbles that she grinds into dust. She works with a series of palette knives and marking devices. Her work is all about the process of creating, from grinding marbles for texture to sticking oils alla prima. 


Rachel's work is held in private collections in the United States and England. She has exhibited throughout the US, most recently in New York, NY and most notably at Select Fair, Art Basel, Miami. 

She is currently working on a 10 piece series for a solo exhibition.

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