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  • Are you accepting commissions?
    I prefer to create collections of work that are meant to interact together together. The answer is no, unless you convince me that it should be a yes.
  • How can I purchase an artwork?
    Originals are sold through this website and through partnerships with select galleries on a short term basis. Feel free to give my instagram a follow or sign-up to get an email to be the first to find out about a new collection.
  • Why do you paint with marble dust?
    I studied Interactive Media in university as part of my degree. It was pre instagram and the genius ideas at the time were around action leading to action. Think interactive light shows for DJs - I know, cutting edge. I got very interested in Marshall McLuhan and his idea that the form of a message determines the way a message is [should be] perceived. I was super into this concept, but at the same time was in the middle of receiving a traditional education in fine art / oil painting... which felt super limiting. My thesis advisor saw my frustrations and that I had some control over the work I had been producing and told me I could be a little more dangerous. Being a stereotypical ass of a college art student, I took this literally. Bought the Will It Blend Blender and started grinding up glass shards and mixing them with my paint. At some point I found a cup of marbles and so threw those in. I loved what the marble dust did to the paint. Depending on the amount of oil & hue, I could work beyond just color & texture relationships but also gloss vs matte. I became obsessed with how layers of paint can interact with each other.
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