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A Statement

Abstract Engagements: A Response to the Media Age

As a classically trained oil painter, I attempt to push the boundaries of the medium by incorporating glass marbles that I grind into dust in my paint. This unique texture, with its interplay of matte and gloss, reflects the fragmented nature of information in our media-saturated world. Inspired by Abstract Impressionism and the gestural energy of early impressionist painters, I use a series of palette knives and marking devices to echo the frenetic pace of modern life.

My true inspiration, however, lies in the ideas of Marshall McLuhan. Just as McLuhan explored the way media shapes society, I believe art has the power to not just deliver messages, but to be a message itself. Frustrated by the superficiality of modern engagement, I strive to create paintings that demand a deeper look, a more profound interaction. My paintings become invitations to slow down, to explore textures and depths, a nod to the engagement I crave in our hyper-connected world and miss (and sometimes mock) in it's superficiality.


Photo of Rachel Romanowsky

American-born, Zurich-based artist Rachel Romanowsky creates contemporary paintings that explore process, interactivity, and the nature of connection.

Driven by a desire to challenge passive media consumption, Rachel's work argues against a fractured, "fictitious" existence. She believes art's power lies not just in its content, but in its ability to shape the way we engage with the world.

This philosophy manifests in Rachel's process-driven approach. Her large-scale oil paintings incorporate crushed marbles and found materials, creating intricate textures that invite exploration. She encourages viewers to actively engage with her art, to move around it, touch, and discover personal connections within its layers.

Rachel's work is held in private collections across the US, England, and Europe.

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